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Hi Frank,

Happy to help in anyway I can. I’m not a developer or coder but I do run businesses that operates several e stores so my approach will be from the end user prospective.

I have already posted my views on the main forum but for clarity I’ll list them here again.

For me as a user,

1) Clean start with no legacy issues.

2) Totally modular design

3) Core code is made closed (no messing with it) use addons

4) Review how we make it responsive (bootstrap or alternative?) bootstrap works but is not the only option.

5) Totally integrated modification function. As and when updates to the core are made by the team they are pushed out and available in admin. User simply presses install and core is updated. (already available in opencart)

6) Totally integrated addon function. Same as 5 above but for addons. Both paid and free ( should consider the option of approved free addons and none approved) ( already available in opencart) Quality control will give a much better experience to the end user.

7) Store side editing function. A simple way to let you make changes to the store front with out needing to edit files.

😎 Data import capability. The only way to make it successful is if we make it easy for people to move to it from another osC versions or other carts.

As has already been mentioned every new project starts with good intentions, the challenge will be to stick to them.

Many have attempted similar projects before and make the mistake of becoming another “me to” product as its the quick and easy option.

We will need to offer something unique if we are to stand any chance of gaining traction in a very crowded market. In my opinion and “please do not take offense as none is intended” the mistake made by many of these “me to” carts is they just copy the previous “in trend” cart and add one or too extras features!

We need to start with the customer and only the customer as the main focus. The code is very important but its of no use to anyone without customers. I am sure we could produce beautiful tight super efficient code. The customer will never know this and many don't care as they will never see it. The only thing the customer will care about is what he sees when he installs and what the cart allows him to do. Its this out of the box experience that should be a key target for the project.

A quick example from my recent experience as I have just updated all by stores.

I looked at several alternatives. One stood out from all the others, this was open cart. As an out of box experience it won hands down. Why? It just looked very professional straight out of the box.

Let me know what required and if I can help I will. Help with funding in not out of the question just need to see a bit more meat on these fresh new bones.




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Clean start with no legacy issues.

This means different things to different people. I don't think it means that we have to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and reinvent everything. We can certainly borrow ideas, algorithms, and even lots of code from existing projects (e.g., osC 2.4), without having to maintain any compatibility with that implementation. Is that the intent?

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