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  1. Dan Cole

    Guest checkout

    I think that's the ticket. Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    Guest checkout

    It always seemed like smoke and mirrors to me Gary. The need for a password is probably the only real difference. Dan
  3. Dan Cole

    Guest checkout

    Couldn't agree more. Unless you're selling one off items and don't expect to sell, market to or otherwise engage with the customer again I think you're doing yourself and the customer a dis-service. Having said that there should be a path available for those who want to offer a "guest" option. To my way of thinking creating some sort of add-on modular or app create account process is probably the way to go. For me it wouldn't be a priority though. The more interesting part of this is what information will you or should you keep anyway? ie shipping address, billing information, purchase data etc and for how long? Even more interesting is what is the guest customers expectations. Do they expect that you won't keep any info at all? For those currently using a "guest" type process what has been your experience with tracking inquiries, lost shipments, returns and other service issues? Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    So where i landed?

    I was wondering the same thing. I think it would be particularly helpful as 'Legacy' is released and we start to build a community. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    The Plan

    @ArtcoInc I deleted that post for you....I almost deleted the whole thread. Regarding the download I have no idea. I was just using the link Frank provided. Dan
  6. Dan Cole


    I found the existing system to be more trouble and work than it was worth so while I have set up a few attributes (more of a test then anything) I tend to set up separate items instead. Dan
  7. Dan Cole


    I've often wondered that too. Stock control could be handled in the usual way. You'd just create a master/slave relationship and display the slaves as options on the product pages. Is there a reason that doesn't work? Dan
  8. Dan Cole

    Magento sold, again

    It'll be interesting to watch this unfold. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    Ouch...you're right about that. As you probably know we have a publicly funded Health Care system paid for via our tax system.....meaning our 1%ers help carry the cost and everyone has access to it. It's not ideal but works reasonably well. Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    That is why I was wondering what it was like in the big ponds that are managed better and have the tools to support developers. Is the grass greener there or it just the same? Dan
  11. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    It's not much different up here. Bricks and mortar are really struggling. You can try and get people to shop locally and they while they might generally agree for the need to do that. It just doesn't happen when it so easy and cheaper to do otherwise. Things are definitely changing and while we may or may not like it...it's reality. Dan
  12. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    That's probably the starting point...is the fishing better in a small pool with few fish or a big pool with lots of fish? Do you happened to know if the fishing is better, from a developers point of view, in some of the thriving e-commerce communities? It is probably more competitive but perhaps the better developers do well. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    I know what your saying Gary (you've been pretty consistent over the years) and while I'm inclined to agree, I'm wondering how realistic it really is? I face similar issues and probably many of the other shop owners here do as well. My industry is dominated by DYI folks, who are always making their own equipment and other products, and who are quick to help others do so. It is tough on retailers and while there are times I wish it was different, I realize it is what it is - I can't control them. There are also changes in technology, disrupting the industry at an ever increasing pace, but again it is what it is - I can't control that either. All I can really do is to provide the best products that I can, at a reasonable price, and treat my customers the way I would want to be treated. Hopefully I have a sufficient number of customers who will continue to support me in that approach, or I can find a sufficient number that will, but I can't worry about the DYI folks or the technological changes happening around me. Dan
  14. Dan Cole

    Design by Committee

    Nothing in your post Gary....it was clear enough. I was thinking beyond that and what the world would look like it if unfolded in that manner. Dan
  15. @MrPhil I hear you Phil. I just don't agree. I think the tough decisions could easily be taken by the Team Leads and/or Project Team. In any case it is what it is. Dan