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  1. Boelle


    I'm also one of those that have left 1. everyone agreed to say screw with HPDL 2. i spent time to translate and it was flushed down the drain, i dont care that i did it early, the work done could be used in the end and there are tools and scripts that could figure out what i would have to translate extra later on 3. simply just to much debate going on and to little control from the top
  2. Boelle

    so what?

    and i translated 75+ % to danish and that so far went up in smoke when the name was changed to Kuuza on github certainly not going to do that again from scratch. and as @14Steve14 said i will not be wating my time either.
  3. Boelle

    Forum Guidelines

    I have been silent for this very reason. I have not read everything in detail but i have seen what in my world is considered "grumpy" and what some would regard as a "c**kfight" / "pi***ngcontest" i have sensored myself here but i think everyone can replace the stars with the right letters.
  4. Boelle

    osCommerce Forum - NO LINKS

    btw... during translation i found that the word oscommerce can be found in at least one of the admin folder... think it was /admin/includes/languages/english/online_update.txt since most of the work can be done with copy+paste from oscommerce i cant rule out that oscommerce is mentioned in other files too
  5. Boelle

    osCommerce Forum - NO LINKS

    nice that you did the edit for me... thanks but yes a brain fart from me.... and it smells badly
  6. Boelle

    osCommerce Forum - NO LINKS

    sorry will edit right away
  7. Boelle


    @frankl since we have moved to a new domain are there any news worth knowing?
  8. Boelle

    Putting a team together

    i could vote for that i have allready offered help translating to Danish, and have put in a small prayer if we initial somehow could pull text strings from oscommerce so that we dont have to start from scratch and there are a lot of those full language packs out there so we could have something going quickly when it comes to language files
  9. Boelle

    Putting a team together

    @frankl i would not mind helping out with some translation to Danish a small prayer in that regard is if we could reuse the files (only the language ones) from the same well known and dead cart that i think we all talk about my aim/thought was that we could as well try and avoid having to start completely from scratch