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  1. Antonio García


    Dear friends. The expectation (and respect) about return of HPDL remind to me to the return to a general from the Galias where people go out of their houses to celebrate them. I'm surprised by the reverence about 'the return of HPDL'. I've even thought there was something 'messianic' about this, but I don't put anything that can hurt some religious feelings. I'm not here for offend anybody. @Greasemonkey, @burt, @14Steve14 and the rest offended here: 1.- AGAIN. I don't want offend you. 2.- I would like explain my thoughs in good english but I can't. I tryed to put sometimes images instead words (1 image > 1000 words) but it seems that I miss miserably (it's remind me when I try to arge in favour 'commitee' against 'dictator' telling that I, with the contradictory image of King Jon-un, will wait next comment in the forum. The image shows a dictator with even a small 'comitee' of scared men surronding some 'vases' in form of womans... No luck. People ask why I put hot womans here...). A joke misunderstood. May be my fault. SURE, my fault! 3.- In this moment I don't know why are all of us here. I thought that the main reason was to try to implement A NEW e-commerce solution made mainly for people from oscommerce. It seems that I wrongly (again) thought that HPDL don't matters here. Only to create some new with PHP. 4.- I want the best for oscommerce, the best (if someday comes) for kuuk@. It's good that the ones that can't help best going to see Maradona in excasy os something like that. Antonio, it seems that Groucho is right: "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." Please, the one that can, please REMOVE all my post, account, etc. Thanks and again all the best for you!!
  2. Antonio García

    A Reason eCommerce is Tough!

    Same if you try to sell music (CD's, vinyls) from Europe (21% of VAT, in Spain...) Almost every item that I try to sell, you can find it in the big devil below our costs... and we can't offer free shipping for an order of 18 euros... (for 5-7 eur per shipment...)...
  3. Antonio García

    so what?

    @14Steve14, I don't expect nothing, I only see that: - This forum was 'frozen' during 4-5 days - People enter to this forum and read but not write something. So, I only try to ask why this silence? By the way, I'm also shopowner as you are and I have the same feelings/suspicions than you. I know that this will be a looooooong path with a loooooot of discussions here. Yes, I agree with you, a headache !
  4. Antonio García

    so what?

    @clustersolutions, sorry if I understand wrong. It seems that your 'path' is a personal one (because BD thinks that the 2.4. way is the best starting point). I think that your point of view is good (as good than the "2.4. way"). I will very happy if you do some improvements in your plan and, if you can share it, the best!!!! As I have a limited knowledge about 3.0 and laravel I can't suggest some 'code' to implement your plan. But (ignorance is daring) why this 'long path'? For fun? Why don't use the database schema of osC and implement la laravel based app from the ground? What's good about 3.0 so you have to use it, after refactoring, test, again test, another refactory, another test instead of "create" and test?
  5. Antonio García

    so what?

    I checked some of your profiles and almost all of us visit this forum but nobody seems that need to write something. Seems that we are waiting for read something more than to write something. As everytime, I'm here talking too much (sorry for the ones offended here) but I need to ask what's goin on? Seems that Burt is again working in a post 'ICE' osC with BSv4, talking about the good news about a near osC, about the return of Harald, a star in Belen, 3 Kings, the end of the Romans, etc. I think that this is good for osC and (contrary to some of us here) I'm happy if osC continue. I'm happy because I also will be there, in osC. But, how about us? Postdata: I put the same text inside a bottle that I let in the sea...
  6. Antonio García

    Time to show what do you have

    @clustersolutions, first to all, THANKS for your investigation. may I ask you, according your experience and with your first examination of the osC code, what should be the best in terms of development's velocity, time spending understanding code that will be refactored/changed or learned? 1.- Understand 2.4 or 3.0, to change it (because is too much complex <-Agree with you and needs improvements/changes). 2.- Use the database schema that uses osC and start from 0 in laravel (or other framework) creating the features we want. I think option 1 needs 2 steeps to arrive to first genuine 1.0 (decompose & create). Option 2 only needs 'only' create. What you do think?
  7. Antonio García

    Design by Committee

    http://fortune.com/2018/05/21/adobe-magento-commerce-deal/ Here you can read: "Companies like Canon and designer Paul Smith use Magento’s technology to operate their online stores. Both Adobe and Magento share similar customers like Warner Music Group, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé, Adobe said. Having similar customers is significant because Adobe can better cross-sell its various tools and services." ...and a snapshot about sellers (2014): https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2018/02/10/sellers-choice-2018-merchants-rate-top-online-marketplaces/ I would like that kuuzuu will get important and/or a lot of users (that leave us/to kz) some money... Who uses osC? Small users. There are there more small comanies/pople than medium/big companies free searching for a (our)cart. We can use the osC heritage as first foundation of kuzuu (try to get a lot of small users). We can point to higther target but I think that the (good) code will not be enough. As all we know, you need a strong marketing path, with money to make publicity, etc First Stage: I would like that cuuzuu will be 'small, prety & cheap' in the first stage. Here I can tell 'core' for create shops as osC does. The BD will responsable that our software is in every cpanel on every server on every word, ready to be installed--> COST FREE Second stage: Good integrations with amazon, facebook, pinterest (the big channels) --> COST FREE with a minimun configuration or PAYD with a low fee (trying to engage a loot of people) Third stage: Implementation of a marketplace where developers can offers their products with free and/or payd. If we can sell modules by $5 to 1000 people the best. Fourth stage: Also create a system with a 'team' where developers can help in installation, custom code and UX/UI personaliation with a small fees (or may be a small annual payment that covers all). This team is led with a SBD (Small DB) with some volunteers that can get money doing the things. Example: I zuuku ask $40 for a single installation, 35$ for the one that did the work and 5$ for the piggy bank. The SBD will assign volunteers, ask (automaticaly) about customer satisfaction, report that there are a lot people asking for a new module that need to be implemented for all, etc.
  8. Antonio García

    I Have a Vision: Kuuzu Architecture

    What is the architectural patern that we need / are you thinking? Three-tier Multilayered architecture Model-view-controller Domain Driven Design Micro-kernel Blackboard pattern Sensor-controller-actuator Presentation–abstraction–control The first we need if are agree with the terms used. In this case 'architecture'. To be clear, @Kymationseems that are proposing a 'Multilayered architecture' (how he explain, or how I understand), please can you confirm if I wrong? 'Core' means 'Business layer ? Or 'core' is a mix of 'esential' layers that are in separate levels? (businness, presentation, application and data at least?!?) 'APP's seems to be a box that also mix application, presentation, no? Same for Modules, no? I think that doest not matter the patern chosen. If we chose one, then we can start working / reading / learning / understanding. For example, if we chose MVC, the coders may be will need first concentrate in the MODEL, later they can split the team working in paralell in the others layers (ones, how to write the interaction with persistence layer -database, text, etc-, the others how handle presentation (where shopowners can help). Sorry if this is too much technical... I worked in a team but never in a software development. If a team is needed, we need know the 'terms' and 'tools' we need know.
  9. Antonio García

    Design by Committee

    'customers' a term that I also use but I don't know if we can use in a 'open source' perspective. If this should be 'open source'. But, as I think that is as interesting as vital, I ask again WHAT is the kind of project we like start? - Open Source: I mean all people working because like to doing it. May be with a paypal account for the ones that like 'contribute'. With a MARKTETPLACE where people can sell or offers for free contributions. (woocommerce, opencart, prestashop) - Commercial: People pay for software & consulting. May be there are a brach 'free' with no official help but by 'communuty' (magento), with a BD needed. - Complete solution (shoptify). You only take care in to sell. You pay for everything you need but don't worry about code, with a BD needed. ... and concerning if shopowners don't 'contributed' in osC, in my opinion the fail was not to implement a marketplace where coders / IU can earn money but only a 'contributions area' designed for the aim that osC is/was, 'open source solution'... -
  10. Antonio García

    Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel

    I agree with you, I also ask the same without no reply from anyone (including the 'DB'). If we use 2.4, I suggest go forward but also implement a way to adapt easy the 2.3 contributions, no again break compatibility (I know, 2 layers insead one..) Burt, I think that we NEED guides and people that takes the responsability for take care of the guides (coding, how to help in forum, how work among us, etc, etc). If we create a commercial product with a 'comunity brank' we will be the BD of this (as Magendo does). If we create a product that only people can use (with no installation, no free github) we will be the BD of this (as shoptify does). If we create an open source project, it seems that we will work thinking in coding, helping, not get income... I don't know if DB or leaders of depts, playing dices or by a poll we decide the kind of 'busisness' we want to start... I think that also is important to know from the beginning.
  11. Antonio García

    Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel

    @Dan Cole , can you explain to us what 'BD' means? Big Data, Big Dan, Bounced Domain, Be Democratic ?!? It seems that it's a little serious...
  12. Antonio García

    Design by Committee

    Stockholm syndrome ? No. Best Illusion and to want to find the right path, right? If I understand, the link between all of us is osComm. A innovative piece of software (when created) led by a few visionaries, later a increasing community. The visionaries become 'visionary'. The visionary become 'dictator' (the one that deceides the 'vision'). The rest of 'team' try to help but, unless someone here tell me the opposite, the 'path' is deceided by one (visionary). The good vision becomes blurry vision, then osC becomes obsolete, dependent of the Supreme Visonary, their caprices, their good parts... Then visionary disapears. It's the end of the dictatorship. It's time for a participatory democracy. We don't want repeat the same error. Democracy, in this context, in this stage, is that we talk about our desires, how to, etc but also to create a team led by frankl and then to work, to work & work. I KNOW that in this moment there are NO VISIONARY HERE. We need discipline, a clear path, to be realistic and don't wait for unicorns. Sorry I can't see revolution in the design of a e-cart but I'm a dreamer (as the rest of you) that wants to make this dream true. Meanwhile, I wait here sitting with some friends, in the middle of the pulitburo.
  13. Antonio García

    Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel

    May be the same without a template from the XIX: https://opensource.guide/starting-a-project/ ... and this with a lot of (may be) redundant info from the link that frankl bring to us... https://opensource.guide/ ... and very insteresting how this guide can be edited in github. Usefull for us, right? Anyway, reading time... NOTE for : @PiLLaO , @raiwa, @piernas and the rest of the Spanish comuniy... : Id al final de la página para cambiar a 'Español' (si es que os viene mejor).
  14. Antonio García

    What the software should be

    What about consider revamp this? https://wordpress.org/plugins/resmushit-image-optimizer/ that uses https://resmush.it/ (image optimization. Automatic or/and in batch proccessing)
  15. Antonio García

    Software Lessons Learned #1

    Default installation with/whiout products is not the first (nor the 100th), I think... if you have a place where reset products (button), no problemo. Can you imagine edit the template without products? You install kz, with no products, then download some templates to check what is the best. How looks a template without products with se equals images that fit perfectly, banners with cutie girls, beautifull backgrounds? How many carts allow default installation without products, zones, default currency, etc?