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  1. frankl

    What the software should be

    Installation routine should be multilingual - as many languages as necessary. One solution: At installation select what languages you want in your store. Kuuzu fetches those languages from the Kuuzu server during installation and installs them (or just default english). Later add or remove languages, Kuuzu will either grab them from the server or delete them. That way translations are kept up to date in one central location.
  2. frankl

    Software Lessons Learned #1

    I get your point about what this function returns. Should be either 0 or 1, or true or false.
  3. frankl

    osCommerce Forum - NO LINKS

    I agree, it's not kosher.
  4. frankl


    @Boelle Not yet
  5. frankl


    This. Keeping up with too much code is only going to cause headaches. Far better to have a rock solid core, then a great app store (preferably built in) to make adding apps easy (and encouraging app developers to keep their code up to date). Having said that I agree with Antonio when he says the store out of the box should be ready to sell, so basic addons are included i.e. Paypal, html emails, some shipping modules.
  6. frankl

    Putting a team together

    generally, I don't think anybody is going to be asked for hours of their time on the shopowners council.
  7. frankl

    What the software should be

    We need migration software not just from old osC but also Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc, etc. That's a daunting task, but I do think it needs to be a part of the project at some stage. Make it easy to convert and the user base will bulid up quickly. It's a conversation for further down the track though.
  8. frankl

    What the software should be

    Any version of 2.3 is best left behind. It's a workhorse that has carried the burden for a long time and is now worn out, tired and old; and while not deserving of a trip to the knackery, it can live out its days in a pasture somewhere until it finally fades away and dies. One thing I'm looking forward to is not seeing messages which begin with "I'm still running osC 2.2 and I..."
  9. frankl

    What the software should be

    Also agreed. I would like reports on products sold over time by manufacturer, or category, or price but I've always found it a bit daunting to write them.
  10. frankl

    Putting a team together

    Which is why it would be good if people can take more than one seat if possible.
  11. frankl

    What the software should be

    @ArtcoInc I agree. Core code changes (and uploading sql etc) should be a thing of the past.
  12. frankl

    What the software should be

    reading through the documentation, the osC website appears to be an extension (and part of) osC 3.0 https://github.com/haraldpdl/oscommerce_website
  13. frankl

    Putting a team together

    Thank you Rainer.
  14. frankl

    Putting a team together

    Not anxious Dan. More a case of striking while the iron is hot!
  15. frankl

    Putting a team together

    I'd like to see a Management Team and a Shopowners Council put together ASAP to get the ball rolling. Management Team´╗┐´╗┐ (Consisting of a Team Leader and invited talent.) Responsibilities would include. - Mission and Vision Statement Development - Goal Setting - Road Maps - General Team Training and Development - Other? I can do a lot of the work but I need a lot of help from others. We especially have to decide what we want the software to look like as an end product. Who is going to join me at the foundation stage? I need half a dozen good people. I think Rudolfi will join me. Who else?