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  1. frankl

    The Plan

    Hi all. I've been away on vacation but now back. Been busy so far hiding posts which aren't constructive Let's see if we can get the initial iteration of Kuuzu out very soon.
  2. frankl

    What is the planned release date?

    Stay tuned. An announcement will be made soon.
  3. frankl

    Guest checkout

    I've never been a fan of "guest" checkout. Firstly, we sell consumables so when customers purchase once, we know they will need the product/s on an ongoing basis, so we want them to log in when they come back and see what they've purchased before plus have the opportunity to cross and up sell them at the same time. Secondly, with guest checkout it's difficult for customers to process the "extras" - reviews, downloading tax invoices, tracking orders, access "registered customers only" deals, and of course view previous orders. "Legacy" is just about done, so nothing can be done as far as that goes. Nothing more will be added apart from Jim's products class. However, with the new iteration we can add anything, and while I'm not a fan I can't let my personal biases decide what's "in" or "out". But why have a "guest" checkout at all? Why not have all customers check out as guest? Crazy, right? Not really. We can use a token system to do everything. Gary calls them "keys", and they can be sent to customers to access anything. Initially everyone will check out as a "guest" and don't need to set a password. Order confirmation email - send them a token to view their order. Reviews - send them a token to write a review for the items they purchased on that order. Order tracking - send them a token with their tracking info so they can view it online. Coming back to the store - send them a token which "logs them in" again for the purchase, retrieving all their address details etc. or alternatively lets them set a password as they are a repeat customer. In the same vein, the next iteration will have configurable user management and roles settings for all users, for instance in the admin: an administrator role (who has access to everything), to marketing (whose users might have access to newsletters, discount coupons and specials), to sales staff (who have can perhaps view but not change orders, view customer details), to product specialists who have access to products and categories); and on the shop side: guests (who view the standard website and can checkout etc or can be altered to show only products with or without prices), to wholesale customers (who have their own prices and minimum order value and limited shipping options), to anything else the shopowner decides.
  4. frankl

    So where i landed?

    Things are slow, true. However 'Legacy' will be out soon with BS4 front and back end plus an all new products class. Then things can be started on the all new version 1, which is so exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing your jsoncart too. When will it be out? Do you have a timeline?
  5. frankl

    The Plan

    No download yet.
  6. frankl

    Data Rows

    I have found: Occurrences of <div class="buttonSet row"> account_edit.php Line 215: account_newsletters.php Line 71 account_notifications.php Line 156 account_password.php Line 111 address_book.php Line 84 address_book_process.php Line 306, Line 320 advanced_search.php Line 132 set_password.php Line 99 password_forgotten.php Line 97 product_reviews.php Line 150 product_reviews_write.php Line 179 tell_a_friend.php Line 186 Occurrences of <div class="row"> account.php Line 34 account_history.php Line 59, Line 72 account_history_info.php Line 117 checkout_confirmation.php Line 167 checkout_payment.php Line 148 checkout_shipping.php Line 214 checkout_success.php Line 48 contact_us.php Line 84 includes\footer.php Line 20, Line 27 includes\modules\product_listing.php Line 28, Line 164, Line 202 includes\template_top.php Line 54 index.php Line 45, Line 56, Line 69 install\templates\main_page.php Line 37 install\templates\pages\index.php Line 24 install\templates\pages\install.php Line 94, Line 122 install\templates\pages\install_2.php Line 27, Line 55 install\templates\pages\install_3.php Line 23, Line 51 install\templates\pages\install_4.php Line 41, Line 69, Line 205 login.php Line 42 product_info.php Line 31 product_reviews.php Line 55, Line 94, Line 135 product_reviews_write.php Line 109, Line 142 reviews.php Line 35, Line 75 shopping_cart.php Line 163 testimonials.php Line 35, Line 76 Occurrences of <div class="row includes\modules\content\index\templates\tpl_cm_i_new_products.php Line 5 includes\modules\content\index_nested\templates\tpl_cm_in_new_products.php Line 17 includes\modules\content\product_info\templates\tpl_cm_pi_also_purchased.php Line 19 includes\modules\new_products.php Line 47 product_info.php Line 56 Occurrences of <div class="contentText row"> address_book.php Line 41, Line 62 address_book_process.php Line 269 checkout_confirmation.php Line 223 checkout_payment.php Line 115 checkout_payment_address.php Line 220, Line 246 checkout_shipping.php Line 179 checkout_shipping_address.php Line 232, Line 257 Not all occurrences contain col-sm- in the row but most of them do. This should help you find them.
  7. frankl

    Product Class

    Thanks Jim
  8. frankl

    Product Class

    @Kymation I'm leaning the same way. Anything to make it easier for apps to be "dropped on top" is A Good Thing™ Would you have time to work on it?
  9. frankl

    Product Class

    Thanks @BrockleyJohn
  10. frankl

    Product Class

    @burt is busy completing migration of Frozen to Bootstrap 4 and once that's done we can start converting everything to Ku. In the meantime, we need a product class (and possibly a products class for product listings) @Kymation made one for his modular product page. Jim, what do you think are the pros and cons of your class? There is another here by @acidvertigo (but I think that one is incomplete) @OSCOMMARKET backported the osC v3 classes, but I'm not sure where he's hidden them One neat solution is from @tgely, where developers can easily create sub modules to pull data, which seems very flexible. What would be the best solution?
  11. frankl

    The Plan

    I'm pleased to announce that all further work done on @burt's version of CE will be done under the Kuuzu banner. This will be known as Kuuzu 'Legacy', and will be an interim version until work on Kuuzu 1.0 starts in earnest. Resources are spread thin and attention is currently scattered so it's best get a bit of focus. The planned timeline is: Kuuzu 'Legacy' - based on osC CE but with major improvements (but not too many!) Release Aug - Sep 2018 Kuuzu 1.0 - based on 2.4 Release mid to late 2019 Kuuzu 2.0 - based on what @clustersolutions is investigating (or even something else - but it will be radical) Release Late 2020 All releases will come with an upgrade mechanism so stores can be easily moved to the new version. First job is to work together and get Kuuzu 'Legacy' out. If you can help express your interest below.
  12. frankl

    What the software should be

    It's a great idea to disrupt, but whenever I've needed to work with that taxonomy I've found them too narrow. i.e. categories for onesies for babies, which come in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 etc; boys and girls; different zips etc (i.e. https://www.bonds.com.au/baby/zippys.html) There is only one taxonomy for the entire range: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Baby & Toddler Clothing > Baby One-Pieces One way to keep that taxonomy would be to include product filters, but that just adds another layer of complexity (which I'm not against per se). Or were you thinking of another way to refine the way products are categorised?
  13. frankl


    I think you need to be a member of the "Community Team" to view that post... Yes
  14. frankl


    I think it's important for a shopping cart to tie in with outside ERP or CRM software (or both). Once we'd been in business for a while it became obvious that we needed a more comprehensive way to deal with customers, suppliers, inventory and accounting than any addons to osC could provide. We have our own interface between our ERP and osC but thinking of the future I've been working on an API so two systems could communicate with each other easily. Nothing fancy, and it could use more input and advice, but it works. Example here.