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    Hi all. I've been away on vacation but now back. Been busy so far hiding posts which aren't constructive Let's see if we can get the initial iteration of Kuuzu out very soon.
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    Here's my thoughts after running my online shop for the last seven years... I sell chocolates/confections which are typically being sent as gifts to people. That's about 75% of my sales and the other 25% are people shopping for themselves because they have been in the shop before and enjoyed what they had. The people shopping for gifts rarely create an account. It's a one-off type of transaction so why create ANOTHER account at some shop they only found out about because of google. The people shopping for themselves almost always end up creating an account. My sales increased quite a bit when I implemented my guest checkout, which I was selling for a while as the commercial addon "Better Checkout". After you checkout you are given an option to create an account simply by putting in a password. It's very simple and people that plan to return and shop often use the feature. My point is that you need to know your demographic and understand what they want/need from your shop and tailor things to their needs/wants. Some shops really benefit from a guest checkout and some it just doesn't make sense. I think it should be a feature for those who want it and for those that have no use for it can simply not turn on the module. What we really need to get away from is the line of thinking that "we aren't doing this because it clutters things or we want to keep the code lean etc" and we also need to remember that it isn't about what the dev's want. You have to develop things with shop owners needs in mind. I don't want a big clustered up mess of code either but we have to remember that the most important things are giving customers of the shop what they need/want and making things simple for a shop-owner to implement and keep up with.
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    @burt * sign in by Google Personally, I do not use any social media / external sign-in method. I'm too old and set in my ways ... and want to "pretend" that I have a 'little' control over who is using/sharing my personal info. Plus, there are enough of us old farts that aren't on twitter, facebook, etc. If I'm on my smart phone (SHMBO dragged me into the 21st century and insisted I get one), I don't have access to my 'primary' email account(s), and I don't use my GMail account for any business. SMS should work in that situation, though. In any case, we shouldn't design the software around what an old fart like me does. Each store owner (hopefully) knows their customer base, and should have the option and ability to configure their store as such. All of these log-on options need not be in a clean installation, but I believe that all of them should be available as part of a 'one click' installation option (including a guest checkout). (off topic) Years ago, I was working for a manufacturing company that was implementing a new ERP system. The person assigned to helping us set it up said, "Don't try to adapt the software to how you run your business. Adapt your business to how the software works." Let's not be that guy.
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    My guest checkout requires very little core changes. Mostly changing an include() to include_once() in a couple files and adjusting the tep_mail portion in checkout_process to use guest checkout variables. The biggest changes were in the PP modules. If the checkout pages used content modules there would be almost no changes to be made. It's really simple to set session variables for all the info needed to complete a checkout. It's just difficult getting around all the areas that require customer_id to be set and sendto etc but it's definitely possible since I use it on my shop and it works well. I'm sure there are more elegant ways to code a guest checkout but I was trying to change as little as possible with core files.
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    This is why it would be better in the core. Any additional modules that may be affected by having a guest checkout, could then be coded to fi, rather than having to keep updating addons and all the support questions that may bring. I think it is down to shop owners as to whether they would activate it or not. Only they know what their customers want, or at least they should know.
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    The reason it was abandoned was because it required too many changes to keep up with various payment module and core updates. I'm hoping with the new and improved modularity that I can code something up.
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    I've never been a fan of "guest" checkout. Firstly, we sell consumables so when customers purchase once, we know they will need the product/s on an ongoing basis, so we want them to log in when they come back and see what they've purchased before plus have the opportunity to cross and up sell them at the same time. Secondly, with guest checkout it's difficult for customers to process the "extras" - reviews, downloading tax invoices, tracking orders, access "registered customers only" deals, and of course view previous orders. "Legacy" is just about done, so nothing can be done as far as that goes. Nothing more will be added apart from Jim's products class. However, with the new iteration we can add anything, and while I'm not a fan I can't let my personal biases decide what's "in" or "out". But why have a "guest" checkout at all? Why not have all customers check out as guest? Crazy, right? Not really. We can use a token system to do everything. Gary calls them "keys", and they can be sent to customers to access anything. Initially everyone will check out as a "guest" and don't need to set a password. Order confirmation email - send them a token to view their order. Reviews - send them a token to write a review for the items they purchased on that order. Order tracking - send them a token with their tracking info so they can view it online. Coming back to the store - send them a token which "logs them in" again for the purchase, retrieving all their address details etc. or alternatively lets them set a password as they are a repeat customer. In the same vein, the next iteration will have configurable user management and roles settings for all users, for instance in the admin: an administrator role (who has access to everything), to marketing (whose users might have access to newsletters, discount coupons and specials), to sales staff (who have can perhaps view but not change orders, view customer details), to product specialists who have access to products and categories); and on the shop side: guests (who view the standard website and can checkout etc or can be altered to show only products with or without prices), to wholesale customers (who have their own prices and minimum order value and limited shipping options), to anything else the shopowner decides.
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    Every time you come here and comment - its negative. If its not negative its you having a rant because your ideas are not being used. If you have nothing positive to say go and get your project finished and stop winding up those here that are trying to get something done. If your project is done, where can it be found because it should be the best thing since sliced bread. I assume that those are trying to get things coded all have day jobs which must come first as thats what pays the bills. Its about time this sort of negative comment was removed and the poster removed also.
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    Personally I would like to think that Kuzzu would meet todays requirements for an ecommerce site. A good guest checkout should be a turn off or on module allowing the store owner to choose whether they want it installed or not. Its one of those things that would make it different and better than the competition.
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    Looking forward to seeing you complete a project What happened to oscommarket ?